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CIMI has a deserved reputation of being a high-quality magnet manufacturer of custom turnkey magnets and magnetic assembly throughout North America.

Here are some of our current capabilities in magnetic materials:

Alnico: We have the largest Alnico magnet manufacturing production facilities in the world. Current production capability exceeds 200 metric tons per year. Available grades include from Alnico 2 through Alnico 8. All grades are available in either cast or sintered Alnico. While maintaining the same magnetic properties as the cast Alnico, sintered Alnico utilizes powdered-metal technology. This enables CIMI to manufacture parts with complex geometries that are both thin and small in size, without external secondary operations.

SmCo: SmCo magnets products are available in both SmCo5 ((BH) max from 16 to 24 MGOe) and Sm2Co17 ((BH) max from 24 to 32 MGOe)

NdFeB: Our state-of-the-art magnets manufacturing facility has production capabilities exceeding 2000 metric tons per year. CIMI has a very strong and professional R&D team that is renowned among all the magnet suppliers. CIMI concentrates in developing and manufacturing high-energy and high-coercive magnets. Grades available include N35 – N52, and are suitable for high temperatures up to N35AH (operating temperature up to 220°C). Available with NiCuNi plating as well as various other platings and coatings.

Bonded Magnets: CIMI can provide various grades of bonded Ferrites and Bonded NdFeB materials.

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Magnet Manufacturer

Our expertise in turnkey magnet manufacturing includes:

Sophisticated Machining: We have a wide range of machines for fabricating magnets and other metals in-house. CIMI is capable of making magnets in virtually any shape and size.

Complex Magnetic Assembly: CIMI is experienced in making a variety of magnetic assemblies, including insertion molded plastic assemblies with very tight tolerances.

CIMI’s modern, leading-edge factory has a history of attaining highest levels of compliance, with a long list of industry certifications including:

– ISO 9002:1994

– ISO 9001:2000

– ISO/TS 16949

– ISO 14000

– OHSAS 18001:2007

Our commitment to highest technical quality standards, environment excellence standards, and safety standards set us apart as a premier magnet supplier. Many of the CIMI’s industrial magnet customers have partnered with us for over a decade. Our proven commitment to this trusted manufacturer/customer relationship makes CIMI a wise choice as your dedicated long-term magnet supplier.

Just a few CIMI target applications:

– Electric motors

– Automotive designs

– Aerospace applications

– Educational equipment

– Sensors/ detectors/ radar

– Audio equipment

– Instrumentation

– Medical and engineering equipment

– Consumer electronics applications

– A wide range of home and commercial appliances

CIMI has invested heavily in technologically advanced testing equipment including accelerated life testing, coatings thickness measuring, carbon/sulfur analyzer, laser particle analyzer, magnetic angle deviation tester, ICP spectrometric analyzer and hydrogen/oxygen analyzer.

CIMI partners say that one of our most important attributes is in providing a complete turnkey solution with consistent quality and timely delivery.

Please call CIMI’s magnet assembly and design team, in California, at (650) 375-7006.

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