CIMI Die-Casting – Unmatched Quality and Pricing CIMI: A 30 YEAR HISTORY OF
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CIMI first began operations in 1985 in the city of San Francisco. Soon after opening we moved to our current headquarters, just 2 miles south of San Francisco International Airport.

We chose this location situated on the northern edge of Silicon Valley to provide close proximity to same-day world-wide air shipments.

In the early 1990’s we gained substantial experience in creating sophisticated custom castings for large multinational companies. These committed customers loved our dedication to custom manufacturing quality and service so much they began asking us to also provide them with other types of custom manufacturing. This included highly-specialized magnets, electromechanical relays, and piezo ceramic parts.

CIMI has expanded operations over the last few decades, to meet and exceed our partner’s expectations. Now, after dozens of years of hard work, we have become true custom manufacturing experts in these special fields.

We invite you to join our current customers to be a benefactor of this 3 decade journey of success that has made CIMI one of the America’s best and most trusted custom manufacturing partners!

For more information on CIMI and how we can partner with you company please call us, in California, at (650) 375-7006.