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CIMI has been manufacturing our Surecon brand of electromechanical relays for over 2 decades. We are very proud that our high quality relays often outperform all other competitors in stringent laboratory testing, especially in the area of extended electrical life.

CIMI has an extensive list of popular relay models including automotive, telecom, power and miniature relays. Following is a short list of our most popular relays. Feel free to click on each one to view our CIMI Surecon relay specification in PDF.

D991 Series Relay

HJQ-15 Series (Automotive Relay)

19FS Series (Telecom Relay)

115 Series (PCB Relay)

TRKP Series (Power Relay)

13FC Series (Power Relay)

(click above to read detailed specification’s)

CIMI has a strong relay design and engineering team that has been in place for over 2 decades. We are specialists in the areas of both sophisticated relay design and manufacturing. CIMI has extensive knowledge in helping you create customized relays that are precisely designed and built to your specifications and specific application. CIMI can also provide semi-custom relays to meet your particular application by modifying our existing and proven electromechanical relays that have been shipping for many years.


In 1999, CIMI was presented with a challenge to develop a custom relay for a photo controller designed for street lights. The required load was a 1000 Watt tungsten lamp. The footprint and size of the relay were also specified and the required electrical life was to be no less than 10 years (5000 operations min.) CIMI accepted the challenge and the complex engineering process took us over a year to complete.

This very difficult design is capable of switching extremely high-in rush electrical currents while providing long-life operation in harsh environments. These specifications helped create our Surecon D991 Series of high performance relays.

The D991 family was the first electromechanical relay on the market to pass the complete UL certification for the 1000 Watt tungsten lamp loads. Our D991 has since become the best and leading relay for this particular application.

Over the last several years CIMI’s D991 Series of relays have found homes in millions of street lights and factory installations across North America and the world. CIMI customers who create the most modern and innovative photo controller devices are now able to offer 20 year warranty when using CIMI relays. (Please click here to review our Surecon D991 relay specification sheet.)


In 2001 a significant customer approached CIMI with a new, demanding challenge. This particular customer needed a relay to operate on both AC and DC current. Their supplier at the time could not meet this stringent requirement. The customer was forced to conduct 100% sorting on the relays supplied to them, with reject-rates sometimes as high as 50%.

The customer asked CIMI to help them develop a relay specifically for this complex requirement. This relay had to be a drop-in replacement (footprint and size of the relay could not be changed.) CIMI again took on the challenge.

After overcoming countless challenges and difficulties, CIMI presented our customer with our highly-customized Surecon 301 Series relay. After extensive testing, our customer was elated to find that our 301 Series relay exceeded their strict specification. CIMI’s customized Surecon 301 relay cost them less than what they were paying previously, providing them an important benefit and more margin in their very competitive vertical market. Even better, our customer no longer had to sort through relays.

Over the past 15 years CIMI has been supplying this happy customer our Surecon 301 Series relays. (Please click here to read the Surecon 301 Series relay specification sheet.)

These are just 2 of CIMI’s many success stories. Hopefully this will provide you with some ideas regarding CIMI’s capabilities and what our family of Surecon electromechanical relays can offer you.

Please call CIMI’s custom relay team today, located in California, at (650) 375-7006.