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CIMI has a long and successful history of producing piezo-ceramic components and assemblies, serving a wide range of industries. Our products range from simple discs to very complex, custom-made bimorph actuators. Here is a short list of industries that we are currently serving:

  • Communications: Antenna, Filter, Phaser, Resonator, etc.
  • Medical: Type B Ultrasonic, Nebulizer
  • Industrial: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Sonar
  • Automotive: Knock Sensor
  • Instrument: Heat Sensor, Bimorph Actuator, Flow Rate Sensor, Proximity Sensor

CIMI is capable of producing Piezo-Ceramic parts in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes.

Here are some examples: (all sizes can be made to order):

  • Rectangular: Length 2 – 200mm; width 1-150mm; thickness 0.5-15mm
  • Circular Disc: diameter 4-250mm; thickness 0.5-20mm.
  • For diameter 4-15mm, thickness as low as 0.15mm
  • Donut Shape: Same as circular disc
  • Circular Pipe: Outer diameter 2-250mm; wall thickness 0.4-12mm; length 1-150mm
  • Arc Segment: Same as circular pipe
  • Sphere (made from 2 halves): Diameter 8-150mm, wall thickness 0.5-12mm, dome: Diameter 5-200mm, wall thickness 0.5-12mm, curvature radius 5-400mm

CIMI specializes in custom turnkey components and assemblies. We have excellent machining and surface finishing capabilities.

  • Tolerances of up to 0.002” can be consistently achieved through machining processes.
  • Surface treatments and finishes include silver and/or nickel plating, protective coatings and others.

Our factory is one of the leading Piezo Ceramic producers in the world. We have maintained ISO 9001 since 2003 and TS16949 since 2011. With a very strong R&D team, we are continuously developing new piezo materials and technologies to meet the demands of today’s ever changing markets. This keeps us at the leading edge of the Piezo Ceramic industry.

CIMI also has extensive lines of standard Piezo Ceramic materials available. All raw piezo materials are formulated in-house, enabling us to make true custom parts, all the way from raw materials to finished, tested parts.

In summary, CIMI’s specialty is providing you with both CUSTOM and TURNKEY Piezo Ceramics. Custom means you can truly customize all the way from raw materials to your specified sizes and shapes. Turnkey means that we not only provide custom piezo ceramic components, but we also give you the final assembled products with your specified finishing.

To see if CIMI can meet your piezoelectric ceramic requirements and pricing needs, please call CIMI’s technical team in California at 949-533-2300.