Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we often answer at CIMI. Please feel free to call us with any questions not covered here. We are located in California, at 949-533-2300.

Question: Our engineering group has created a specification for a new aluminum casting. We have been working with our current casting supplier for several years and are pleased, but feel we are being overcharged. We do not want to upset our relationship, but are interested in receiving a competitive bid. How can we proceed with CIMI?

Answer: We often receive similar requests. All discussions with CIMI are confidential – we would not have been successful for over 30 years without this level of privacy and trust. Please call us in California at 949-533-2300 and we will start a confidential process to provide you with a detailed quote, most often within 24-48 hours. We will sign your NDA if required, or we can provide our own CIMI Mutual NDA if you wish.


Question: We have a complex new piezoelectric ceramic design that requires extremely tight-tolerances and professional QC. How can we be sure that CIMI can handle this sophisticated part?

Answer: CIMI has carefully chosen the world’s best factory partners with extensive in-house engineering and R&D teams. Our piezoelectric ceramic factory is trusted to supply some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies worldwide with piezo ceramic parts, with the strictest quality guidelines. Whether piezo ceramic, electromechanical relays, complex castings or state-of-the-art rare-earth magnets, CIMI’s carefully chosen factories are second to none.


Question: How does CIMI insure top and consistent quality-controlled shipments over a long period of time?

Answer: As you read through our Product Specialties sections on this website you will see details on extensive quality compliance, industry certifications, and ISO programs that our factory partners have passed. CIMI’s quality engineers make several trips each year to both domestic and international factory supplier to closely review and monitor their operations. When issues arise, we work around the clock with a direct communication channel to each of our partners, most of whom we have been working with for over a decade or two.


Question: Our company management is concerned about the costs of moving our contract manufacturing to a different factory and supplier. How can CIMI overcome this concern?

Answer: CIMI price quotes include details on all start-up and tooling costs if there are any. Often these upfront costs are factored into the per piece cost. Either way, within 24-48 hours of you contacting us CIMI provides complete pricing details so you and your management team can make fast, informed decisions with no surprise charges.


Question: Our current manufacturing process uses multiple suppliers who specialize in specific manufacturing steps including impregnation, surface finishes, plating, etc. Can we work with you and continue to use these suppliers to provide specific services?

Answer: Yes, working with CIMI will enable you to continue working with current suppliers. However we would suggest that you allow us to quote on the entire “turnkey” manufacturing process. We have specifically chosen suppliers that handle all of these steps within the walls of their factories. We believe this provides you with a better, more “quality-controlled” part. CIMI’s factory is accountable for uninterrupted supply of the highest quality, completely finished parts to you, where and when you need them.


Question: Our industry has experienced more competition and lower margins to the point we are considering exiting this manufacturing sector. Can CIMI really provide enough cost savings to make a difference?

Answer: Throughout our history we have provided significant cost savings to our customers, many of whom we now call partners. CIMI greatly reduces your cost in many ways. Since we chose factories who do the entire manufacturing process in-house, this reduces their overhead and allows us to pass a good portion of the savings to you. CIMI also handles the complete shipment and delivery logistics, making sure your CIMI manufactured parts are delivered to you with minimum added costs. Finally, CIMI’s proven turnkey service reduces the amount of overhead and time your company spends, insuring uninterrupted supply of quality parts.


Question: Our engineering department has a need for a rare-earth magnet that goes inside a complex assembly. We also make other products that require less powerful magnets. Can CIMI quote on both types of magnets?

Answer: CIMI has sold a wide range of magnets for almost 20 years. In the past decade we have concentrated on high-powered magnets because this is where we can provide the best cost advantages and quality to our customers. Please let us know your specifications for less powerful magnets and we will ascertain if this is a part where we can provide you reduced costs. As with our entire line of product specialties CIMI focuses in on the most complex magnets, difficult to manufacture piezoelectric ceramics, tight-tolerance castings, and advanced electromechanical relays.

If you have a question not covered in this CIMI FAQ list please call us directly at +1 949-533-2300 Pacific Standard Time.